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« The man who finds a wife finds a treasure, and he receives favour from the LORD. »

(Proverbs 18:22)

Truly, marriage is a godsend.

And as they are both holding hands

Surrounded by family and friends

Walking down the aisle

They advocate for love

And act in the name of all lovers


Understand each other in a gesture, a look

Hearts overflowing with passion

They abandon themselves

And wait for each other

Not all lovers move at the same pace

Some trot

And others run

But the truth

Is that the purpose remains the same in all the stories

That of loving each other for a long time


And even in the afterlife

Their gaze filled with tenderness

Speaking words full of promises

that take shape over time

They discover

All these faces of love

That of divine love

full of goodness

who is patient

Who forgives

Who knows neither pride nor envy

But only sincerity

The common point of lovers is that they love each other

Without worrying about tomorrow

Knowing God is in control of their vessel

A dose of love

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